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Strategy for 2017


The focus rests in building & developing strong fundamentals to prepare Designathon Works for scaling:

  • Creating the right legal structure

  • Recruiting new board members

  • Creating a partnership and licensing structure

  • Defining an impact assessment tool

  • Expanding GCD to a minimum of 15 cities

  • Method development

  • Training program development


Global Children’s Designathon:
The theme of the GCD 2017 is water. It will be relevant to each of the hosting cities and will be adjusted slightly according to their context. The sub themes will be:

  • Water scarcity

  • Water pollution

  • Water disasters (floods and drought)

  • Endangered habitat

We aim to welcome 12 to 15 cities on board.


Designathon School Challenge- Waste Sorting at Schools:
In collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam, we want to encourage more schools to separate and recycle waste. At the moment, 80% of the waste generated by schools is lost for recycling. We also want more children to be involved in thinking about waste separation and to the reuse of raw materials (circular economy). Therefore we invited Amsterdam schools to join us with the first ever Designathon School Challenge.
The winner’s concept will be prototyped at scale by Makerversity.


We are continuously working on development and growth of our method, our network & community, and our flagship project:

  • Growth of new GCD host cities

  • Storytelling

  • Spreading awareness of importance to engage with children

  • Impact on education system


The board members decided that it’s time for the next phase of Designathon Works, meaning Martien Kuitenbrouwer and Marcel Kampman will step down as board members in 2017. Three new board members will be installed. The new board members need to have: financial, legal or non-profit expertise.
The job-posting will be online at the beginning of the 2017.
The board will support and monitor the team in the further development of the foundation’s mission, vision and targets.




The team will be extended by combining complementary profiles needed to scale the Designathon Works foundation. We hope to have established a team of four full-time people by the end of 2017 and a core team of freelancers & partners to support all of our projects.

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