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Workshops, lectures, events and training:

Coming Up:
Mar 25th: A new designathon workshop, 'Design your future Neighbourhood' in the new Maakplaats021 in Amsterdam, Slotermeer

Mar 29th: Ontwerpend Leren workshop met Leerkrachten, op Joop Westerweel School, Amsterdam

April 12th: Facilitator training at Shanghai Science Communication Association, China

May 3rd: Designathon event for Bugaboo, Amsterdam

In 2018

Mar 17-18th: Designathon Works at Global Education and Skills Forum, Dubai
Mar 15th
: Onderwijs op het snijvlak van kunst, wetenschap en technologie, Amsterdam

Mar 12-13th: Pop-up facilitator training, Amsterdam

Mar 10th: Designathon Workshop for Secondary Teachers, Make Impact, Rotterdam

Feb 22nd: Designathon Works at Brand the Change, De Zwijger, Amsterdam

Jan 31st-Feb 3rd: Designathon Works at Global Change Leaders, Lyon, France

Jan 22-27th: Designathon Works at World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

In 2017
Dec 21: Presentation at Bugaboo HQ, Amsterdam
Dec 7: Designathon Works at Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad session #3, Amsterdam
Dec 19th: Healthy City of 2030, Gemeente Amsterdam

Nov 25th: Designathon event for Spring House, Amsterdam
Nov 13th: Teacher training, Zaan Primair, Zandam
Nov 11th: Global Children's Designathon 2017
Nov 9st
: Designathon Works at Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad session #3, Amsterdam
Nov 1st: Designathon Works at Maak je Onderwijs" in NEMO, Amsterdam

Oct 31th: Designathon Works at Duurzame School 2025 session, Amsterdam

Oct 30th: Teacher training, Neptunus School, Amsterdam

Oct 19st: Designathon Works at Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad session #2, Amsterdam
Oct 17th: Teacher training, Neptunus School, Amsterdam

Sept 20th: Micro-Designathon for Zaan Primair

Sept 27th: Designathon event for ARTtube in Villa Zebra museum, Rotterdam

Sept 27th: Designathon Works at Duurzame School 2025 session, Amsterdam

October 9- 26th: Designathon School Challenge inventions at the Circular Economy Expo, Amsterdam City Hall

October 13th: Micro-Designathon for Uncomfortable Learning , Dutch International Primary Schools

Sept 15-16th: Facilitator training at Science Center Singapore

Sept 14st: Designathon Works at Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad session #1, Amsterdam

Sept 9th: Designathon Works at Ashoka Education Day, Netherlands

Sept 4th: Teacher training, Alan Turing School, Amsterdam

July 31st: Announcement of Designathon Works to be one of the 29 Expo Live Global Innovators of the World Expo Dubai 2020

July 14-17th: Facilitator training at Maker plaats 021, Amsterdam, link

July 3-8th: Research week and designathon pilot in Nairobi, Kenia

June 26th: Designathon Works in Stanford: Co-design with Children Conference, link

June 21st: Designathon Works at Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad day, Amsterdam

June 14-15th: Designathon event in Zagreb, Croatia

May 16th: Micro-designathon for Wetenschap & Techniek Cafe in OBA

May 3rd: Designathon workshop at Daltonschool Neptunus school, Amsterdam
April 22nd: Designathon lecture at De Staat van Cultuureducatie, Pakhuis De Zwijger
April 12th: Designathon lecture at MOCCA, Cultuur educatie

April 4-6th: Designathon Day at the Het Wespenest School, Amsterdam

March 24th: Designathon lecture at Maker plaats 021, link
March 20-22nd: Emer at Dubai, EXPO 2020
March 15th: Designathon workshop in at Windseheim PABO, Zwolle

March 8th: Designathon workshop at Jong Geleerd, more info
March 7th: Designathon Works at Wetenschap & Techniek Cafe, more info

March 1st : Designathon School Challenge in Amsterdam, more info

Feb 28th: Micro-Designathon for Patagonia Europe

Feb 27th: Teacher training, De Bïenkorf, Amsterdam

Feb 27th: Teacher training, Het Wespenest, Amsterdam

Feb 15th: Teacher training, IXperium, Arnhem

Feb 14th: Designathon at school t'Koggeschip, DWS klas

Feb 13th: Book Launch, Learning in the 21st Century, Den Bosch

Feb 9-10th: Storytelling training with Ashoka Netherlands
Feb 1st: Designathon Works at MAKE-IT dag, Helmond
Jan 24th: Micro-designathon for teachers at Top Talenten Dag, Wageningen


In 2016

Nov 23d: Designathon Works at the DIF festival

Nov 12th: Global Children's Designathon

Nov 10th: Designathon at school P.J. Troelstra, Amsterdam West

Oct 25th: Lecture at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

Oct 23rd: Designathon event at Stadschouwburg, Amsterdam

Oct 18th: Micro-designathon for Philips Globalizer with Ashoka, Eindhoven

Oct. 13th: Circle Economy webinar for all GCDs hosts

Oct 9th: Micro-designathon for THNK Festival

Oct 3rd: Teacher training, OBS Hasselbraam, Eindhoven

Sept 28th: Designathon workshop at Inspiratiedag Wetenschap en Techniek, Stichtse Vecht

Sept 27th: Lecture at Robot als Collega, De Zwijger

Sept 6th: Designathon training, Singapore
Sept 3rd: Designathon Works at Ashoka Schools Changemaker Day, Amsterdam
July 11th: Announcement: Collaboration with the Art of Impact
June 28th: Designathon Works in the news: Het Parool
June 24th:  Emer is awarded an Ashoka fellowship
June 20-21st: Designathon at school P.J. Troelstra, Amsterdam
June 19th: Designathon event in Dusseldorf

June 17-18th: Designathon Works at LEGO Re-Imagining Learning meet-up, London