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Where children design better futures using new technologies


Designathon Works is a unique design thinking method 
developed for children to empower and unleash their creativity 
to design a better world using new technologies.

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The Minoct: Kids' Solution For Water Polution

Designathon children presenting their invention to Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister, during the Amsterdam International Water Week 2017.

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SingualrityU Summit 2017

Designathon Children sharing their ideas and thoughts on creativity on the stage of the SingualrityU Summit 2017.

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Global Children's Designathon

A day dedicated to celebrating what the world could be like when children design better futures using new technologies.

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Global Designathon 2017 - Chennai, India

Shammy Jacob, founder of New World Fight Club and our GCD host in Chennai, India talking about Designathon methodology.

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We've worked on amazing projects with some amazing organizations.

Want to join us on our journey to help children design a better world?

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