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Expo Live

We are delighted and proud to announce to be one of the 29 Expo Live Global Innovators of the World Expo Dubai 2020!

Expo Live is an innovation and partnership programme launched by Expo 2020 Dubai to help fund, accelerate and promote creative projects that will improve lives while preserving our planet. The programme seeks to identify innovative projects and solutions in the areas of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. It stimulates innovation that has a social benefit, by supporting winning projects with funding, business guidance and promotion.

As one of the 29 Expo Live Innovators, Designathon Works will use the grant to be able to serve a growing number of Global Children’s Designathon partners in new cities, and ultimately reach more children.

See our profile page here.

Download the press release on Dutch and or English.

... The Netherlands is one of the world’s most innovative countries, and I’m excited to see that being encouraged in the next generation by Designathon Works’ inspired idea of applying design thinking to an educational setting - helping young children to explore the big issues facing society and to contribute their ideas to addressing them. ...These are real change-makers addressing our world’s most pressing challenges; they are visionaries who are determined to see their projects bring meaningful change to those that need it. We are fortunate to have them on our programme and look forward to walking by their side on their path to success. Their work speaks for itself and deserves the financial support from our programme, but it is their character, their drive and their reasons for choosing this path – the path of a change-maker – that earns them a place in our Expo Live family and the opportunity to inspire millions at Expo 2020 Dubai.

- Yousuf Caires; Expo Live Vice-President

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