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With Designathon Works children develop ideas, design, make and present them. All this is based around a real world theme or question. We can develop and host designathons around your organization's theme.
Our recently ran designathons were for Design District Zagreb- about the future of the city, Action Aid- about the future of work in Bangladesh and Uganda. We worked with the children of the staff of the Royal Dutch Air Force on the future of transport; and held a designathon on the future of cycling in Amsterdam as part of CycleHack.

Contact us, if you are interested in a designathon for your theme or context. You'd be surprised how relevant children's imaginations are!

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Under the slogan 'What if children would design our economy' , Circle Economy invited us to run a designathon with the theme Circlular Economy. Held at NEMO, Amsterdam on Saturday, November 21st. Fifty children were challenged to design inventions for the cities of the future, inspired by the smart cycles of nature. The children presented over 20 inventions, solving issues like the plastic soup in the oceans, air pollution and cold pizza’s upon delivery, to Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme who will use them as inspiration for a vision on the Netherlands as a hot spot for the circular economy.


The Designathon Works method playfully challenges children to come up with solutions for contemporary issues, such as in our case natural resource shortages. It is fantastic to see how seriously the children approach design and construct inventions to solve problems that they really care about. For the children it is great to be allowed to think about grown people issues and to learn about technology. Led by Emer and crew the children had a very nice afternoon. The inventions of the children offered us new perspectives to make the Netherlands the global hotspot of circular economy in the EU's Dutch presidency.

- Arjanna van der Plas; Circle Economy

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